Jonas brothers dating quiz

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Jonas brothers dating quiz

The Monarch sends his lover and co-villain Doctor Girlfriend undercover to seduce Dr.

Venture and inject him with a serum that mutates him into a giant caterpillar. Venture, Brock, Pete White, and Baron Ünderbheit are kidnapped by robotics expert Mike Sorayama, who blames them for ruining his chances with a girl he had a crush on 20 years prior, when they were all college classmates.

Not that much time has passed, and you’d kind of figure a lot of girls (famous and regular types like you and me) would still love Joe Jonas, right? (Don’t tell me the you from three years ago isn’t squealing with joy.) Joe Jonas has gone from selling out stadiums, plastering his mug and those fierce brows on magazine covers, and making girls shriek, cry, and faint at the sight of him to . ) Remember, this is the guy who, along with his brothers (one of whom, Kevin, is getting his . We still think if he wanted to get a date that badly, Joe Jonas wouldn’t have that much difficulty–even if he’s not topping the charts anymore, he’s still young, good looking, and loaded…

Not so much, if his solo record’s chart positions are any indication. Other Disney stars are still superfamous–Selena Gomez and Joe’s ex Demi are still selling out world tours, and Miley Cyrus is still considered A-list and dates Liam Hemsworth (jealous! Though perhaps his playboy rep is catching up with him in the Hollywood scene!

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They are pursued by a ninja intent on acquiring the device, and by Dr. Hank and Dean have a run-in with a prostitute and Brock hospitalizes The Monarch. The station's female officer, Lieutenant Anna Baldavich, is instantly attracted to Brock, leading to romantic tension with her fellow officer Colonel Bud Manstrong. Venture and attempts to extract from him his father's research on cloning, which the disabled Brisby desires in order to clone a new, healthy body.

He leaves the Ventures under the protection of Molotov Cocktease, who tries to whip the family into shape. Venture is unable to repair his father's shrink ray even with the help of Pete White and Billy Quizboy, and Dr.

The first three seasons consist of 13 thirty-minute episodes (including time for commercials), plus the pilot and one 15-minute Christmas special.

An hour-long special titled "All This and Gargantua-2" aired January 19, 2015, as a precursor to season 6, although the Adult Swim website's video on demand section considers the episode to be the first episode of season 6.

Dean's feelings for Triana eventually reveal the door and permit their escape. Venture explores the ocean floor in a robotic atmospheric diving suit, the X-2 is overtaken by pirates whose ship has been stuck in the sargassum for years. Venture is trapped underwater after his "metasonic locator" accidentally summons the screaming ghost of the experimental aircraft's pilot, Major Tom. Venture and fellow super-scientists Pete White and Billy Quizboy are recruited into a government think tank in the Arctic headed by Dr. Meanwhile, Hank has been exposed to a serum that will eventually cause him to explode. Venture so that the think tank can come up with an antidote.

The Venture family sails to the Bermuda Triangle on their hydrofoil, the X-2, to recover an experimental aircraft built by Dr. Brock and Hank work together to subdue the pirates, deal with the ghost, and save Dr. Venture's former college professor, Richard Impossible. After flirting with Richard's wife Sally and discovering that the Impossibles all have freakish mutations, Dr. Brock is depressed to learn that his license to kill has expired, and Hank and Dean help him to prepare for his recertification exam.

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Dean recovers, but Hank eventually suffers the same ailment. Venture holds a large tag sale to raise income by selling off assorted inventions and equipment, an event which attracts many scientists and supervillains. When The Monarch drunkenly attempts to win her back, Phantom Limb frames him for the murder of a police officer and The Monarch goes to trial. Venture has surgery to remove a tumor from his abdomen. Venture's twin brother, who has been living inside him since being devoured while the two were still in the womb. The family recovers Hank and Dean, but they are accidentally killed by Monarch Henchmen 21 and 24. Orpheus blames himself for Hank and Dean's deaths, and is appalled to learn that Dr. Girlfriend from Phantom Limb at a shopping mall where the Venture family also happens to be. Venture is captured by The Monarch while Brock is taken by Phantom Limb, who mistakenly believes that The Monarch has kidnapped Dr. He and Brock ally to confront The Monarch at his cocoon base, while Dr.

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